Day 9 - Taipei, Taiwan - April 21, 2012

All my speaking engagements are completed so today it was time to rest and do a little sightseeing.  We had lunch at TGIF Fridays!  I craved some ribs, Emily a burger and mom needed some salad!!  There was a full flight of stairs to the restaurant so we caused a little stir when I walked up the stairs and the manager had to carry my wheelchair.  Lunch was good--we needed some quasi American food.

After lunch we walked around the neighborhood for a bit and then walked to Taipei 101 which is the largest building in Taiwan.  It has 101 floors with an observation deck on the 89 and 91 floor.  The first five floors of the building are high end stores such as Gucci, etc.  The bottom floor is a food court and also many different souvenirs,chocolates and teas.  We were a bit exhausted from the week and went back to the apartment early. 

Mom and Em went to the grocery store to stock up on supplied and then we have homemade Taiwanese stir fried noodles for dinner.  It was another good day.