Day 6 - Taipei, Taiwan - April 18, 2012

We started the day a little slow this morning and then had to go to the Christian Salvation Service office for a post-adoptive interview.  The Taiwanese government is requiring a study of adoption outcomes.  It was interesting since we were adopted over 23 years ago.  They first interviewed my mother, then my sister and then the interviewed me.

After that we reviewed my speech again.  On Friday, I will be speaking at a local high school to speak before about 200 students.  There will be a different translator, Agnes, so we had to make sure that the presentation was smooth.  Then we had lunch -- from Pizza Hut. 

We then walked to the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store.  The merchandise was very expensive but the bottom floor was an interesting grocery store.  We bought a few items and then went back to the apartment for a rest.

For dinner, we met with Georgie (a woman who has worked at CSS for 29 years and her daughter Prea.  They took us to a fancy Taiwanese restaurant called Shin Yeh.  The food was amazing!! 

More later...