Day 5 - Taipei, Taiwan - April 17, 2012

Today I spoke at the Hualien Special Education school.  There were about 60 students in attendance and it was a great success.  After the speech all of the students wanted to take their picture with me.  We had to do it in two groups. 

After the speech, we went on a tour of Hualien.  We went to Toroko National Park where we saw the Taroko Gorge.  While we were there we visited the Buluowan Mesa and saw the Leader Village.  There was a small museum of the indigenous people of the Taroko tribe.  We then visited the Eternal Spring Shrine which was built for the workers who died while building the highway which was the first highway cross Taiwan's central mountain range.

We then stopped at a shop which sold Hualien's special sticky rice buns (which by the way are delicious).  We had lunch at the ocean shore and had fried dumplings.  We arrived back in Taipei to our little apartment.