Day 11 - Taipei, Taiwan - April 23, 2012

Today we made it to the top of Taipei 101.  It is the largest building in Taipei and was the largest building in the worth until Dubai built one higher.  The building has 101 floors above ground and 5 below ground.  When we took the elevator to the 89th floor it took 37 seconds and it did not feel like you were even in an elevator.

On the 89th floor we were given audio with headphones which explained what were were viewing from the windows.  It was a amazing view.  We then went to the 91st floor where there was an outdoor view.  Part of the floor was closed to the public since the winds were too strong.

We then went to the 88th floor where there was a museum of coral and jade carvings.  The carvings were beautiful. 

After 101 we craved a Starbucks!  It was a great place to relax.

We planned to go out again but there were thunderstorms and it was raining pretty hard.  Tomorrow is our last day in Taiwan.