Day 10 - Taipei, Taiwan - April 22, 2012

Today we took the MRT (which is Taipei's subway) to visit the Longshan Temple.  This is where many people come to worship multiple gods.  The main hall worships the Goddess of Lotus.  We tried to go to the Underground Street of the Longhan Temple which is many different foods and other goods to purchase.  Unfortunately, since it the Sunday, the underground mall was closed.  We did, however, get to try fried fish balls which were delicious.

When we returned we finally went into the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial.  There was a revolution in 1912 which established the current Taiwan Republic of China.  This officially marked the end of the Chinese Imperial Rule.  Sun Yat-Sen was the father of the country as it is today. 

There was different groups of teenagers outside the building practicing their dance routines.  It was very interesting.

Tonight we finally went to a night market.  It was so crowded and the smells were great--except for the stinky tofu.  In addition to all the street food, there were a lot of clothes and other items.  It was kind of like a big crowded flea market.